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Yay, Spring is here!

Touch on some of the amazing things we are doing!

Amy Sitapati, Interim Division Chief


Welcome to our winter term and new division leadership!

Hear from our new interim Chief!

smiling students


Welcome to spring and our return to in-class learning.  It is nice to see everyone back. We are on the short road to summer, enjoy this beautiful time of the year.

There's good stuff in here!

geisel mural

January 2022

DBMI Successes in these unprecedented times.

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Dr. Amy Sitapati, Dr. Brian Clay, Dr. Marlene Millen

July 2019

California integrated vital records system, Predicting Sepsis, DBMI 2019 Summer Interns, Chili Cookoff and more

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DBMI all of us research program staff

April 2019

DBMI celebrates its 10 year anniversary, recognizing new staff, UC San Diego's ESR project preparation and more

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DBMI staff posing at AMIA conference

January 2019

Chair of DBMI elected as new member of National Academy of Medicine, UC San Diego Health named on of "HealthCare's Most Wired", tech tips and more

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group of people standing around CPR banner

October 2018

All of Us Research Program seeking recruits, DBMI graduate spotlight, 2018 achievements, and more

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