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Biomedical and Healthcare Data Discovery Index Ecosystem (bioCADDIE)

Project Description

bioCADDIE is a consortium led by the University of California San Diego and composed of University of Texas Houston, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, and Oxford University. It is charged with exploring, in aworking prototype, the foundations for a Data Discovery Index (DDI); a "catalog" of data across multiple biomedical data repositories. The DDI makes data objects findable by using various search criteria, including accessibility status. Its goal is to help NIH provide a data index as part of its infrastructure and to do for data what PubMed did for the biomedical literature. The NIH Commons needs an organized index of digital objects and bioCADDIE is a U24 resource grant to help build such a data index. To accomplish this, bioCADDIE has to create a whole ecosystem in which all details, from object unique identifiers, to metadata specifications, to rewards for sharing in easy-to-index formats and for citing data

Principal Investigator (PI): Lucila Ohno-Machado

Co-PIs: Executive Committee: George Alter, Ian Fore, Susanna-Asunta Sansone, Jeff Grethe, Hua Xu

Trainees & Staff: Nansu Zong, Tsung-Ting (Tim) Kuo, Elizabeth Bell, Victoria Patronilo 

Grant: NIH Big Data to Knowledge, Grant 1U24AI117966-01

Start Date: 2015

Expected Duration: 3 years

Contact: ​

More information available at