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How to Cite a Training Grant

NLM Training Program

For the trainees associated with the National Library of Medicine Training Grant Fellowship Program, please use the information below to cite your papers:

National Library of Medicine Training Grant: NIH grant T15LM011271

  • If you are funded by this training grant, please cite the training grant and arrange for journal papers to be deposited in PubMed Central.
  • If you started a project on the training grant and finished it on another grant, list both.
  • If you omitted the grant acknowledgement when you submitted the article, please fix it on revision or when correcting proofs.
  • If another author is in charge of writing/submitting the paper, please notify them about these responsibilities.
  • Also, please notify the Department of Biomedical Informatics about your publications so we can list them on our publications page, in our newsletter, in training grant reports, etc.

For other grant-funded research, please remember to:

  1. Notify your PI about all your publications.
  2. Ask for the grant agency and grant number and how to acknowledge the grant.
  3. Ask if there is an open access requirement.
  4. When you have the final publication information, give them the citation so that they can include it in their grant reports.
  5. Acknowledge your grant support (including training grant support, if you received it) in your publications, conference talks, posters, websites, etc.

NIH Training Program

For journal articles with NIH funding (including the training grants), arrange for the articles to be deposited in PubMed Central. The procedure varies by journal.

See the NIH Public Access Policy and FAQ and your journal's specific instructions.

Note that NIH grant reports require listing the PMCID of each article (or NIHMSID on a temporary basis), to show that it was deposited in PubMed Central.