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Past Biomedical Informatics Events

Awards and Conferences

  • Congratulations to Sally Baxter for being awarded the 2020 NIH Director's Early Independence Award. 
  • Congratulations to Margaret Donovan for being awarded her PhD, December 2019
  • Congratulations to Dr. Ohno-Machado! For being elected as one of the National Academy of Medicine's 85 new members  -- one of the highest honors one can receive in science.
  • AND for receiving the 2019 AMIA William W. Stead Award for Thought Leadership in Informatics.
  • 11/13 - DBMI was represented in the 1st International Conference of Africa Build, a project funded by the European Commission to improve information and communication technologies for health in four African countries. At the invite of Prof. Maojo from Madrid, we presented our work in building capacity in biomedical and health informatics in Mozambique. We also represented DBMI in the 4e. Journees Cameronaises d'Informatique Medicale sponsored by the Cameroonian Health Informatics Society in Yaonde, Cameroon.
  • 11/13 - Fifteen delegates represented UCSD DBMI at the AMIA 2013 Symposium from November 16-20th at the Hilton Washington in Washington, DC. Edna Shenvi, Eric Levy, and Jing Zhang were finalists in the new student design competition. Mindy Ross led a DBMI team to win a distinguished poster award describing work developed under the course Data Modeling taught by Hyeon-eui Kim.
  • 11/13 - Chun-Nan Hsu, PhD, was appointed Associate Professor in DBMI in November. Formerly at USC-ISI, Dr. Hsu is a computer scientist who is a senior member of the ACM and specializes in text mining related to genomics and proteomics. He is a member of the Academia Sinica and leads an NHGRI-funded program project for automated curation of GWAS.
  • 10/13 - Two delegates represented DBMI at the 3rd Translational Bioinformatics Conference in Seoul, Korea. Two papers led by Shuang Wang and Zhanglong Ji were selected for journal submissions.
  • 08/13 - We welcome our new graduate students: Zachary Lipton, Shamim Mollah, Kemal Eren, Stephanie Feudjio Feupe. We also thank our summer interns for their hard work and amazing presentations in our Summer Internship Workshop. We wish them all the success in completing their studies. View the videos of their presentations here.
  • 07/13 - Inaugural class of DBMI students attend NLM training meeting.
  • 03/13 - Best paper award received at AMIA Joint Summits on Clinical Research Informatics is given to Vaidya et al. 
  • 11/12 - We were at the AMIA 2012 Symposium and the CTSA Informatics Meeting in Chicago, and the NCBC Showcase in DC. 
  • 11/12 - Xiaoqian Jiang and Jialan Que (and their co-authors Jihoon Kim and Yuan Wu) were nominated as finalists for best student paper at the AMIA Annual Symposium for their papers entitled "Selecting Cases for Whom Additional Tests Can Improve Prognostication" and "A Collaborative Framework for Distributed Privacy-Preserving Support Vector Machine Learning", respectively.
  • 10/12 - Stephanie Feudjio Feupe, short-term NLM trainee, received the Bronze Prize of the “Diabetes Technology Society Student Research Award" for work advised by Nate Heintzman entitled "Analysis of overnight continuous glucose and sleep stage data in subjects with type 1 diabetes in real world conditions"
  • 09/12 - Awardees for best posters at the 2nd IEEE Conference on Healthcare informatics, Imaging, and Systems Biology were: Rutu Mulkar-Mehta and Melissa Tharp, who advised the work of summer intern Emily Silgard from the University of Washington; Xiaoqian Jiang, for collaborative work led by Seemeen Karimi (ECE); Neda Alipanah, for work advised by Hyeon-eui Kim.
  • 08/11 - Zhanglong Ji (master's student) and Xiaoqian Jiang (postdoctoral fellow) led teams receiving first and second best poster awards at SuperData Summit in SD. Congrats!
  • 02/11 - Lucila Ohno-Machado receives 2010 UC San Diego Equal Opportunity & Diversity Award
  • 11/10 - Hyeoneui Kim, PhD, receives 2010 Harriet H Werley award from AMIA
  • 11/10 - Aziz Boxwala elected to the American College of Medical Informatics
  • 10/10 - DBMI team (J Kim, Boxwala, Ohno-Machado) gets 2010 Partners in Excellence Award


  • 10/01/13 - Linked grants to iDASH funded by NHGRI and NIBIB.
  • 09/01/13 - DBMI awarded UH3 Phase of NHLBI pFINDR program. 
  • 08/01/12 - DBMI awarded competitive ethics supplement and cloud supplement to U54 iDASH center. 
  • 07/01/12 - San Diego Biomedical informatics Education and Research NLM training grant is awarded for the first time to UCSD.
  • 09/01/12 - UC Research eXchange grand from the UC Office of the President is awarded to all five UC medical centers. UCSD heads the steering committee in the inaugural year of this 5 year project to connect clinical data warehouses. 
  • 07/01/11 - DBMI awarded grant from the NHLBI pFINDR program: Phenotype Finder IN Data Resources: A Tool to Support Cross-study Data Discovery Among NHLBI Genomic Studies.
  • 10/22/10 - DBMI awarded NCBC and AHRQ Distributed Research Network grants
  • 09/30/10 - DBMI will lead informatics development in Medical Education Partnership Initiative in Mozambique
  • 09/30/10 - DBMI receives grant for Sustainable Health Informatics and Networking Environment (SHINE)
  • 10/15/09 - Global Health Informatics Training Grant Awarded


Events and News

08/01/13 - Congratulations to Michael Conway, PhD, who is becoming Assistant Project Scientist at the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine. Michael was a postdoctoral fellow with DBMI from 2011-2013. He has authored several papers and has recently received a K99/R00 from the NLM/NIH focused on mining of social media for health conditions.

07/01/13 - Congratulations to Robert El-Kareh, MD, MS, MPH, who is starting his K22 award from the NLM/NIH focusing on diagnostic errors.

06/01/13 - Congratulations to Xiaoqian Jiang, PhD, who became Assistant Professor at DBMI July 1, 2013. Xiaoqian was a graduate intern while finishing his PhD under the supervision of Latanya Sweeney, PhD, at CMU, then a postdoctoral fellow with DBMI from 2011-2013. He has authored several papers and is starting the R00 phase of his K99/R00 award from the NLM/NIH focused on privacy technology.

04/01/13 - Master's graduate Myoung Lah launched a new UCSD-wide application before taking a position at Microsoft: TritonSchedule allows UCSD students to share their course schedule with their friends on Facebook.  We are studying how social networks and Facebook usage affect academic performance, health, and attitudes on privacy as part of the iDASH project.

09/22/12 - The BRIGHT program successfully organized the 2nd Biomedical Informatics Symposium in Maputo, Mozambique, August 20-22, 2012 with attendance of over 80 participants from 5 different countries.

07/01/12 - UCSD got awarded for the first time a biomedical informatics training grant from the NIH (National Library of Medicine). The grant started July 1, 2012 and will support a total of 15 trainees in UCSD degree programs. Click here for more Graduate Program Information.

03/29/12 - iDASH featured in White House Office for Science and Technology Policy announcement for BIG DATA initiative involving NSF, NIH, DoE, DoD, and other federal agencies. See video of this event online.

05/02/11 - iDASH NLP Ecosystem Workshop

01/24/11 - iDASH Workshop on Secondary Use of Clinical Images for Research at SDSC

08/01/10 - Global Health Informatics: UCSD, UEM, UNIFESP partner in training program

05/25/10 - JAMIA Editor-in-Chief appointed

04/09/10 - Bioinformatics and the SD economy

12/01/09 - AMIA Annual Symposium