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Biomedical Informatics Training at UC San Diego

A core mission of the DBMI is to provide biomedical informatics training for highly qualified individuals with background in biomedicine and health-related professions, computer science, engineering, statistics, and mathematics. This is done through formal PhD programs, postdoctoral training, and undergraduate and high school internships.

How to Apply

Application for admission to graduate studies is made directly through your chosen degree program. Please consult each program's website for application details:

To be considered for the NLM fellowship, in addition to submitting your application and documentation to the degree program of your choice, please forward your Personal Statement and CV to  dbmifellowship at ucsd dot edu. The NLM fellowship is awarded after acceptance into one of the biomedical informatics graduate degree programs.

International Training Programs

In addition to training in the United States, we are proud to have had the opportunity to deliver training to talented students from all over the world. Our Biomedical Research Informatics for Global Health Training (BRIGHT) program extended from Brazil to Mozambique. For a summary of early accomplishments for this program, funded by the Fogarty International Center, NIH, please visit the BRIGHT website.