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UCSD SureNet: Systems Science and Diagnostic Safety (Incidental Plumonary Nodules)


Project Description

The SureNet program identifies test results or symptoms/signs that generally require follow up but the patients do not appear to have had the needed follow up. It thus potentially prevents diagnostic errors by preventing patients from “falling through the cracks." It is limited to diseases in which their time course of progression is slow enough that one can take a few weeks to identify the cases and intervene.  Here, the target population was where there were identified pulmonary nodules that are greater than 4mm in size.


Project Lead: Robert El-Kareh

Co-Leads: George Cheng, MD and Rajat Suri, MD


Dr. Robert El-Kareh: DBMI, Moores Foundation, SureNet
Dr. George Cheng: Interventional Pulmonary
Dr. Rajat Suri: Gen Pulmonary
Dr. Christian Dameff: E Med, SureNet
Dr. Albert Hsiao: Chest Radiology
Jessica Goggin: UCSDPhD, RN Senior Director Pulmonary Service Line
Gina Mautz
Jinyao Qu: Analyst
Tracy Magee: Manager, Healthy Planet
Amy Sitapati: DBMI, CMIO Population Health, Primary Care


Start Date: 2021

Expected End Date: 06/30/2024

Watch a Presentation on SureNet

 Inspired by the KP SureNet program ©Southern California Permanente Medical Group (SCPMG)